Apace - External module APIs

The Apace - External module is an easy plug-and-play implementation to offer your customer an instant refund option without interfering with your storefront website

Getting started

Before you begin creating refund offers, we will walk you through the steps you will need to take to finalize your partnership with Apace.

Just want to test it?

We have a full sandbox version to get you started without any approval needed. Sandbox sign up


Is your store on an e-commerce platform?

If your store is on one of the populare e-commerce platforms, you can skip all the steps below.

Just head over to our platform-quickstart and select the platform you are using.

  • Create your account with Apace
  • Submit the application (Apace will review your submitted information and approve the partnership within 1-2 business days)
  • Once you are approved, go ahead and create your API key here (Make sure to save the keys in a secure location. You will not be able to reveal the secret key after you close the create key dialog)
  • Now, you will need to create 2 endpoints to enable a secure and reliable integration with Apace
    • refund_verification: Apace to verify right before sending the refund if you (still) allow the instant refund offer, or if you have already initialized the regular time refund.
    • refund_notification: A webhook address for Apace to notify your customer right after we sent a refund so you can update your system and avoid duplicated refunds.

Creating a refund offer

The simple steps to create an instant refund offer

  • Create a refund with the Create Refund Offer API
  • In response, you will receive a unique link from Apace that you will send to your customer to get their refund within minutes.
  • Or, you can trigger the Send Refund Offer Email API and Apace will send an email to the customer with the items and amount they are eligible to get an instant refund for.
  • Once the customer gets approved and fills out the required information, they will receive the refund in their account within minutes. Through API, Apace will notify the merchant what the status of the refund is, making it convenient and simple to keep track of all refunds.

Now, let's walk you through step by step.

Create a Refund