Apace will notify the merchant after we sent a successful refund

When the customer successfully receives the refund, Apace will notify the merchant via POST to the endpoint specified by the merchant.


To avoid duplicate orders, you should set up your server to process this data, and update your database to reflect that Apace refunded this order.

The webhook body will look like this

  "refund_card":"**** **** ***** 7001",
refund_successboolThe refund status
refund_idstringThe unique identifier of the refund
date_createddatetimeThe date and time the refund offer was created
datetime_refund_sentdatetimeThe date and time the refund was sent by Apace
apace_refund_linkstringThe unique link to the Apace merchant portal to access a full overview of the refund
order_idstringThe merchant ID of the refunded order
item_idsarrayThe merchant IDs of the refunded items
refund_cardstringThe card that Apace sent the refund to
networkstringThe network that was used to send the refund
network_transaction_idstringThe unique transaction identifier of the network referencing the successful transaction