Integrate Apace into your BigCommerce platform.


This guide will walk you through on how to integrate Apace on your BigCommerce platform.

Sandbox development

Create your sandbox account with Apace for a no-risk testing experience at It only takes 2 minutes to have your sandbox account up and running. View the merchant and customer experience for getting in real-time instant refunds! The sandbox experience is the same as our production environment, but without real money being transacted.

Test the Apace integration in your development environment connected to our sandbox. To use our sandbox, create your sandbox API keys at for use during integration. (Make sure to save your sandbox API keys. For security purposes, once you close the modal you will not be able to retrieve the secret key.)

After development and testing have been completed, you will need to create a production account and fill out the required partnership information. Apace will let you know once your application is approved (typically takes 1-2 business days).

Once you have been approved for production, create your production API keys at (Make sure to save your production API keys.)

Step 1: Install the Apace Instant Refunds App

You can find the Apace Instant Refunds app for BigCommerce on the BigCommerce marketplace. You can also install the app from your BigCommerce dashboard by going to Apps and searching for Apace. Once you click on install and confirm the terms and conditions, the Apace Instant Refunds app will be installed in your store.

Step 2: Set up the Apace Instant Refunds configuration

After you created your keys, enter them on the Apace Instant Refunds app and click "Complete Installation"

The Apace app installation page within BigCommerce

The Apace app installation page within BigCommerce

  • Now, choose if you're using the sandbox/testing keys or production keys
  • Select the number of days after it has been created, that the instant refund should expire
  • Choose if the regular BigCommerce refund should be automatically triggered after the expiration of the instant refund offer (when the customer has not claimed it)
The Apace app settings page within BigCommerce

The Apace app settings page within BigCommerce

Your integration with Apace is now complete!

Create an instant refund offer

A quick guide on how to create instant refund offers for a BigCommerce order

Step 1: View all orders

Navigate to the orders page on BigCommerce then click on the options dropdown on the order you would like to Refund with Apace

Select "Refund with Apace"

Select "Refund with Apace"

Step 2: Create the instant refund offer

  • Once you have selected the order, you will see all the items available for a refund offer. Once the offer has been created, the item will move to the "already created offers" section on the bottom
  • You can manually change the settings for the offer expiration date and the automatic BigCommerce refund trigger if the offer has expired and was not claimed (note: the order configurations are populated based on the setting you have set up on the Apace app settings page)
  • Confirm the refund, and... done!
  • Your customer will receive an email with the instant refund offer showing the items you've selected and the company and order info. See more for the Apace customer experience
The Apace app order page within BigCommerce where you can create an instant refund offer

The Apace app order page within BigCommerce where you can create an instant refund offer


Refund processed!

Once your customer claims the instant refund, within sections, they will receive the refund with a small deduction in their bank account. Th order will automatically be marked as refunded

The Apace Bot will add all the refund details to the order 'staff notes' for your reference, including a link to the Apace Merchant Portal for all details regarding the refund

The Apace bot will enter this info into the BigCommerce staff notes for reference

The Apace bot will enter this info into the BigCommerce staff notes for reference


Credit/Debit cards only

Right now, Apace only offers instant refunds for orders that were purchased via a credit/debit card

If you encounter any issues or would like to get help setting up your account and integration, feel free to contact us at [email protected]. We will be glad to help you!

Thank you for using Apace Refunds